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የቤተክርስቲያን አገልግሎት


St. Kidane Mehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Provides The Following Services:

Sunday Worship Service Schedule is :


6:00 A.M  to 10:00 A.M


The Divine Liturgy


The Divine Liturgy is the main worship service of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo church. The Word of God, prayers, hymns, biblical readings and sermon are the main acts on our Sunday service. The liturgy is chanted using the Geez and the amharic languages. Parishinoers follow the priest. Our church believes in one God the almighty, creator of heaven, earth and all things visible and invisible. We believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, who gave salivation to the descendants of Adam and Eve, Jesus was incarnate from the Holy Spirit and from the holy Virgin Mary. He became one of us, he was crucified for the sake of us, Jesus suffered, died, was buried and rose from the dead on the third day as was written in the holy scriptures, ascended in glory into heaven, sat at the right hand of His Father. The next time God comes is to judge the living and the dead.  We believe in one holy, universal, apostolic church, and we believe in one baptism for the remission of sins, and we hope for the resurrection from the dead and the life to come, world without end. Amen!





Parents, who wish to have their children baptized are required to plan a baptism date ahead of time. According to The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church beliefs,a baby girl is baptized when she is eighty days old and a baby boy is baptized at forty days old. Parents need to contact the priest to sign up or complete the Baptism form available on our church website stkidanemehret.org

የጋብቻ ስነርዓት - Marriage




The bride and groom to be or the parents need to set up initial meeting with the priest for premarital counseling.


የቀብር ስነ ስነስርዓት - Funeral


Death is part of our lives, the family of the disceced can contact the St, Kidane Mehret church priest for prayer and funeral arrangements.

ጸሎተ ፍትሐት - Memorials


Loved once of the departed can contact the priest to request for memorial prayers. The memorial prayers are conducted at the conclusion of the Sunday Divine Liturgy.