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The mission of the St. Kidane Mehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo is:

1.  To worship and glorify God; and teach our Orthodox Tewahdo Christian faith and traditions; to support and sustain our Church by exemplifying faith, hope, respect and by loving one another

2.  To Provide the spiritual needs of the Orthodox Tewahdo faithful that reside in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.

3.  To Lay the foundation for the younger Ethiopian generation to maintain and ensure the continuation of the uniqueness of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo liturgy, traditions and values.


To Build an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Community that reveres Ethiopian history, culture, maintains and promotes the Ethiopian traditions and values. the tenets and teachings, of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.


In every aspect of our lives and work, we, the Hamere Noah Kidst Kidane Mehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Christians are guided by the following principles:

1.     We affirm our church’s prophetic role and to love one another and to walk humbly with our God.

2.     To believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to adhere to his commandments, as expressed in the life and teachings of the Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

3.     As Christians, we will constantly seek forgiveness for our mistakes and do our best to correct them.